We are here to make sure we can provide the best legal advice possible to you. In order to do this we will look at the nature of your query then advise you about the merits of your case and whether or not we are able to assist. Unlike a traditional firm of solicitors we do not charge for the initial enquiry.

All Legalsolutions4u.co.uk services offer exceptional value for money and we charge a fraction of the cost of a high street solicitor whilst guaranteeing a comparable services in terms of quality and expertise.

All advice from legalsolutions4u will be drafted by legal specialists. All our advisors have previously practiced as solicitors and held senior positions within a firm of solicitors.

All legalsolutions4u client details are treated in confidence and we will not disseminate any information to a third party without your express written permission.

Legalsolutions4u aim to respond to your initial enquiry within 24 hours, if you wish to use the live chat then we may be able to assist immediately.

Responses will be provided in a Microsoft Word document format and attached to our response email. If you prefer to receive the advice in a different electronic format then please let us know.

You may ask as many questions as you wish

Sometimes we may not offer expertise in your desired area. If this is the case then we will of course advise you by return of this and may suggest an alternative practionner.

We are able to receive documents in most formats and often we will need documents to give you the advice. Please feel free to send us any supporting documentation that you feel is relevant to your enquiry. .

To handle any payments we use PaypalUK or a third party payment provider if you wish to pay by debit/card. During the payment process, personal details and credit card information are handled by the payment processors secure website, as such all data is encrypted. We do not store any of your payment details

When you pay via PaypalUK or debit/card you will receive a receipt from them and then a further receipt from Legalsolutions4u.

Yes, we act for both businesses and individuals. As an individual we effectively allow a pay as you use system. For a business you can use the same system or if you would prefer to have the peace of mind and security of us looking after your legal affairs we can do this from as little as £49.99/month*

Our specialist legal advisors will draft up a legal agreement for you which once it is signed will become binding upon all parties.