Employment Law

Employment law is a complicated area due to the constantly changing fluidity of the law. Here at Legalsolutions4u, we only advise employers on all aspects of employment law. Whether you are looking for advice on a specific matter or would like a certain document drafted such as an employment contract we are able to help.

Employment law covers the relationship between employees and employers, including what each party can expect from the other and the rights that each party have.

Each parties legal obligations vary depending on the type of contract that is in place, assuming that one exists in the first instance! Even if no contract exists then the law provides statutory rights to give protection.

Here at Legalsolutions4u we can advise on all matters of Employment Law including Employees, Equal Pay, Discrimination, Health & Safety, Unfair and Wrongful Dismissal, Redundancy, Termination and Employment Tribunal Matters.

If you are a business then why not take up our 24 hour Employment Law Service. For a small retainer each month Legalsolutions4u will provide unlimited Employment Law advice allowing you to concentrate on your core business. We will ensure that your business is constantly up to date with Employment legislation and all your employment documentation and contracts are legal. Our service is the convenient way to get the help you need.