Consumer Law Section

Consumer Rights Act 2015

When you sell a vehicle to a member of the public the relationship is governed by the Consumer Rights Act 2015. This Act provides the framework for the rights and obligations upon the Dealership and the Consumer.  It is very important that all parties follow the Act as failing to do so could result in a breach of contract with either party able to seek remedy from the other.  Legalsolutions4u can set up a compliant framework for your dealership to ensure that each and every time you sell a vehicle your legal obligations are fulfilled thus removing the need for potential litigation.
Legalsolutions4u can further help when an issue does arise in relation to a breach of the Consumer Rights Act in order to advise you on how to resolve the issue in the most commercial way possible.

We are able to assist in the following areas;

  • Advice on the Consumer Rights Act 2015
  • Short Term Right To Reject (30 day rule)
  • Right to Reject within 6 months
  • Duties and Obligations owed by a Consumer
  • Duties and Obligations owed by a Dealership
  • Drafting of a reply to a potential customer complaint
  • Dealing with Finance Houses where they have financed a vehicle
  • Replying to Trading Standards enquiries/investigations
  • Compliance with consumer law per se

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