Law Services


  • Legalsolutions4u are revolutionising the legal market by offering unlimited access to legal advice to the Motor Trade for a low fixed monthly fee from £49.99/month.
  • Our One Stop Shop legal solution offers any Motor Trade Dealership of any size affordable access to specialist legal advisors.
  • At legalsolutions4u we can give the Motor Trade legal advice on all areas of business law, employment, contracts including drafting documents at very affordable prices.
  • As we operate online, there is no time delay in waiting for meetings and we will be able to take your instructions immediately and issue your advice giving you maximum protection for your business.

Legalsolutions4u Business Model

Legalsolutions4u offers unlimited access to specialist legal consultants who can advise you on all aspects of your rights and obligations in relation to the Consumer Rights Act, employment and commercial law. We are able to draft bespoke documents for your business. This in turn gives you the peace of mind that all your affairs are in order and legalsolutions4u gives you a similar approach as having an in house legal team.

Unlike a lot of other law firms, you can contact us via email or speak via live chat to get an immediate reply and answer to your query.

Business Legal Advice

All businesses will run in to legal issues, very often such problems can be dealt with swiftly and cost effectively as long as the necessary legal protection has been put in place. That is where legalsolutions4u can help, we see where our business clients have used our expertise to set up their contracts and agreements, such disputes can be remedied quickly.

Quite often for new clients, legalsolutions4u are instructed where there is an initial legal issue and concern and we use our expert dispute resolution team to deal and remedy the issue. We are able to deploy highly effective strategies and solutions to all manners of legal disputes to provide an all encompassing outcome for our clients.

Why Use Legalsolutions4u

Legal problems and the large amount of legislation that the Motor Trade now to deal with can be laborious and difficult for dealerships to keep up to speed with. Legalsolutions4u can act as a virtual in house legal department to remedy this and allow you to concentrate on running and operating your Motor Dealership.

Legalsolutions4u has been designed to meet your legal demands and offering an affordable pay as you go legal support package delivered directly by Specialists who understand the needs of the commercial world.