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Specialists in Law

Legalsolutions4u aims to offer quality affordable and comprehensive legal advice to members of the motor trade. We offer two ways to pay, either use us on a case by case basis and have all your costs agreed up front so there are no unwanted surprises or alternatively as a business you can have access to unlimited advice by using our 30 day rolling contract.

Quality Affordable Legal Advice

Legalsolutions4u operates online to keep the overheads to a minimum and as a result you can have access to the services of a legal consultant at a fraction of the usual cost.
We are experienced in all manner of legal issues faced by the motor trade, including all aspects of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, contracts, and employment law, legalsolutions4u should be your one stop legal department.

Industry Leaders

Legalsolutions4u is operated by legal consultants with extensive experience is all aspects of law.
All of our clients are motor traders ranging from large multi site dealerships to smaller independent dealerships.  We do not provide advice to members of the public and specialise in working 100% within the Motor Trade.

A Vision To Succeed

There are no catches, just simple to use, easily accessible, high quality legal advice from specialists. We are here to protect you and provide high quality legal advice at very affordable prices. 


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Want To Know About Customers Thinking

Legal Solutions 4U is very professional with a quick detailed turn around, one letter resolved an issue for me. Thank you LS4U
Craig Grahame
You are doing a great job and giving a most professional and helpful service at a great affordable price.
Karen Summers
We have been using Legal Solutions 4U with its business packaged services from the beginning. For a cash-strapped start-up it is the best way to keep legal matters in order while keeping our budget in check.
Steven Hollins
Can’t speak of the service highly enough. Thank you.
S. Hutchinson